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Action game where you'll need to defeat waves of enemies in order to make through to the depths and search for the legendary sacred cellar.

You take the role of an adventurer who has been through faraway lands in search for riches and treasure, when in the night at the town's inn, a rumor of an ancient cellar hidden beneath the depths of the fores reaches your ears and how the legends tell, it is the passage to a world where dreams come true.

Blinded by your own greed, you step into the forest in search for the mysterious cellar.

After some days, you finally find what seems to be some doors that lead to a underground  maze. Slowly you open the doors and in your eyes see a profound darkness of depths with no end. Suddenly, you feel as the breeze of the wind pushes you to the dark, sealing your fate as you fall, marking the start of your adventure.

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