A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 2 weeks for the 2nd ESCOM videogame club jam. Use your god-like floating cat-head powers to transform everyone in a cat!


On one dark day, the floating cat-head emerged from the depths of the earth in order to return the power to the cats of the world.

Help the floating cat-head firing its cat-transforming laser and show the world who rules.

Use WASD to move the head through the busy streets of Cat-City and use the left mouse button to fire the laser.

Special thanks:

ddoodm - Polynomials
cameronmusic - cat meow.wav
Npeo - Kitty Meow
Dan Knoflicek - Laser1.mp3
Emilio Arboleya - Explosion spite

Install instructions

Unzip the rar file and execute the game inside.


CatCityRampage.rar 7 MB